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Graphics Post #14: Requests + Multifandom

Hey guys, how's your March going? I've got a wonderful, lovely batch of icons here. Sorry if you're getting tired of fanart, it's just that Danbooru Donmai is just the most awesomest place for fanart, next to Pixiv. I promise I'll go for some screenshot shopping next time. Well, that is, unless you guys like this stuff, then I'll keep doing this~ This finally has some finished requests in it, so if you requested, then you'll find it there. Also, I was able to post on my old comm nyonyo_icons, and I invited any watchers that were still there to come over here. So if my number of watchers here suddenly jumps, that will be the reason why. Cuz that place had over 100 of em. It would be nice, I love the support you guys give. ♥ Anyways, enjoy this batch you guys! I forgot to mention I made this batch all in one night.

★ Requests +11
★ Hetalia +15
★ Pokemon +26
★ Soul Eater +10
★ Yugioh +8
☆ TOTAL +70


I wish to look at tomorrow, today with you.Collapse )
Tags: #icons, #requests, game: pokemon, series: axis powers hetalia, series: soul eater, series: yugioh

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