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Candywing: Class is in session

Hey guys, Saku here! I don't have any graphics for you today, but I wanted to present an idea that I've been itching to do for a long time. See there's two consistent things I've noticed about myself: a) I want to be a teacher, b) when making graphics, I've always wanted to teach others directly. So I'm somewhat mashing these ideas together and creating a graphics class of some sorts, specifically centered at beginner or novice graphics artists. This is just a prototype idea and I'm not sure if it would be popular, plus I don't have people volunteering to be mods for a comm *cough cough some volunteers would be nice cough*, so for now I'm just going to have my classes here.

Just posting this here to give you guys a heads up. If you are interested, applying is available for anyone. Feedback is very much appreciated!
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