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Graphics Post #13: Multifandom

Whoah, lots of icons here! Sorry I've been laying low. And there's no requests in this post, because I really want you guys to request some more. But anyways, here's a nice batch full of a few fandoms and another contest round. Enjoy!

Elfen Lied
+20 for 20cartoon20
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Axis Poweres Hetalia
Nintendo (Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros.


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Plugging a comm

Hey wonderful watchers, Saku here! I don't have an icon update (although there's a batch waiting to be posted soon), but I would like to plug a contest I'm currently participating in. It's called anime_rumble, an all-anime icontest that's in need of participants and especially voters. The round is almost over, so new sign-ups should pop up pretty soon. Also go there to vote since there's a shortage of voters. Please support this wonderful comm!

One last thing: I STILL am taking requests. I plan to do them for the next batch and there's still open slots, so this is your last chance!
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20+ watchers/V-Day

The number 20 may not seem very big, but it shows a sign: a sign that there are people out there that appreciate my work, my passion, and are there to enjoy what I do. Not to mention once I attained 15 watchers back at nyonyo_icons, I rised from the ashes of nothingness and the watchers kept coming and coming. Thank you.

Thank you so much everyone, and Happy Valentine's Day! I'm still taking requests!
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Graphics Post #12: Multifandom

Wow, that was fast...oh well. Without further ado, here's some icons with Hetalia bias! And I cannot mention enough that I am still taking requests.

NARUTO → 6 icons
DURARARA!! → 2 friends-only banners; 1 forum sig
TOTAL → 54 icons + 3 misc


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Graphics Post #11: Hetalia for 20cartoon20

Hey guys, here again with my next entry for the awesome icon challenge comm known as 20cartoon20! I chose Hetalia for my claim as you can see. But don't worry, I have a good sized multifandom post in the works (even though it'll still have Hetalia).

Also, remember my old home nyonyo_icons? I talked to the owner and he decided he'd give it back to me! So once all the technical stuff is done I can go back. However, I wanted to ask you guys: should I just stay here and ad my new comm, or should I leave this comm and have these watchers come over to Nyonyo? I wanna know your guys' opinion~!

Lastly, I'm still taking requests! Lots of slots still open!

Anyways, here's your graphics! ♥

Axis Powers Hetalia: [20]


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Graphics Post #9: Requests, Gifts and Hetalia

Hello everyone! I decided since Christmas is just around the corner that I should post this small batch mostly containing graphics made for others. Enjoy, and have a happy holidays!

Gift Icons: [9, for speaky_bean, pleuvoir, suikyo, reikai_chibi, aruka_san, and lovelyflonnie]
Requests: [8, for reikai_chibi and mouette_lunaire, SHAREABLE]
Axis Powers Hetalia: [15 + 3 FO banners]
TOTAL: [32 icons + 3 FO banners]


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Graphics Post #8: Multifandom

Hi everyone! I've got a nice icon batch for you all. Just as a reminder, I'm still taking requests, and I only have two open slots left!

Anyways, here's your lazily scheduled graphics batch. Enjoy~

Ouran High School Host Club: [36]
Misc: Vesperia Host Club & YGO GX Geniuses [8]
Tales of Series: [4 LJ headers]
TOTAL: [54 icons + 4 headers]



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